spring greetings

The frosty days are put to rest
As winter turns to spring
We cast an eye up to the sky
To what this month will bring.

A day when dark clouds gently brew
With not one leaf a stirring
When thunder peals as lightning cracks
A raging storm, enduring.

As shifting winds blow here and there
Without a rhyme or reason
When Ides of March come out to play
A turbulent sort of season

We've waited long for nature's song
For freshness in the air
For rainy days and purple haze
For breezes sweet and fair

A time of kites and windy days
A time when dreams are made
A time when God blows forth a kiss
A March day serenade.

(c) Marilyn Ferguson Feb. 27, 2002
Email: ferguson@adams.net

spring greetings

Wishing you all the
lovely gifts of spring!

spring greetings

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spring greetings

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