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Fun Free Online Games & Puzzles
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Poker with Dice Poker with Dice
A Java version of the Yahtzee game you played as a kid
Bustout! Bustout!
For the ladies...Pong-like game with hunks to uncover!
More Games
Patriotic Puzzle Tic Tac Toe
No explanation necessary for this game :-)
Blocks Blocks
A tetris-like game
UFO attack UFO Attack
UFO shooting game with fun audio/visual effects
Valentine Concentration Valentine Concentration
A Valentine matching game
A fun hangman type word game
Be careful of this game, you may become addicted!
Make more boxes than the computer to win this game
Enter into a naval battle against your computer!
A web based old favorite game...Pacman!
Match the fruit game, matching fun for all
For everyone...Pong-like game with messages to uncover
Bustout!'s one for the guys with babes to uncover
An old fashioned peg game in a new dimension
Kewlbox Games
Santa Balls Santa Balls This original game of Santa Balls is an old elf tradition in the North Pole. Sketchy Sketchy Extreme snow sledding. Experience the thrills, chills, & breathtaking mountain beauty!
Santa Balls 2 Santa Balls 2 Bigger game board, bouncier balls and Oliver the Elf is bolder than ever! Spank Frank Spank Frank Oliver the Elf is up to no good again. You must spank his penguin pals into the baskets.
Friendship Puzzle Friendship Puzzle
Rainbow waters jigsaw puzzle with a message for friends
St Patricks Puzzle St. Patrick's Puzzler
A jigsaw puzzle for St. Patrick's Day
Harvest Puzzle Harvest Puzzle
Harvest jigsaw puzzle
Valentine Puzzle Valentine Puzzle
A special puzzle for your Valentine
Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle
Beautiful beach jigsaw puzzle
At Easter... Easter Puzzle
Fun Seek-A-Word puzzle for Easter
Holiday Puzzle
Seek-A-Word puzzle for Holiday fun
Halloween Puzzle
Seek-A-Word puzzle for Halloween fun
Patriotic Puzzle
Patriotic Seek-A-Word puzzle
Back To School Puzzle
Seek-A-Word puzzle for Back to School fun
Thanksgiving Day Puzzle
Seek-A-Word puzzle for Thanksgiving
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