Picture by Andres Orpinas

Bundles of Wishes

If wishes came in bundles,
I'm sure I'd have a few,
Bound with satin ribbons,
Purple, pink, or blue.

I'd dress them up with lace,
Tuck bouquets of lilacs sweet.
Then ask for special blessings,
Upon you each time we meet.

If wishes came in bundles,
I'd wish happiness for you.
Hugs to give you comfort,
And a love that's always true.

If wishes came in bundles,
I'd wipe away each tear,
I'd promise you compassion,
And tell you not to fear.

I've bundled up these wishes,
With all my heart I give,
Gratitude and friendship.
May your life, with joy be filled!

~Copyright © 2002 Marie Williams~

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