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Tess' Castle In The Sky
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Pass-it-on Poetry
Abundant Fun Ecards
Inspirational Greeting Cards
Featured Greetings
I Prayed For You Today I Prayed For You Today His love is always with you, His promises are true My Saviour Lives in Me My Saviour Lives in Me
An inspiring poem
Most Popular Greetings
I Wish You Enough I Wish You Enough
Beautiful artwork and story
Keep These Thoughts Keep These Thoughts
Inspiring message for all your friends and loved ones
More Greetings
A Silent Moment A Silent Moment
Beautiful and peaceful images with a java applet
Request For Transfer Request For Transfer
A letter to Jesus Christ from a tired warrior
Interview With God Interview With God
Great story combined with an awesome rain applet
Believing In You Believing In You
Message to encourage you to believe in all you can be
Survival Kit Survival Kit
A virtual survival kit, to be used daily!
An Invitation An Invitation
Inspiring story about the power of love
Things to Remember Things to Remember
Beautiful java enhanced inspirational card
Something to Think About Something to Think About
There is no better time than right now to be happy
Words of Truth Words of Truth
Inspirational message for people that impact your life
Your Personal Value Your Personal Value
An inspiring story with angel graphics
Footprints Footprints
The well known poem and artwork together!
Life Lessons Life Lessons
Lessons to learn from, for everyone!
Meanings Meanings
An inspirational page to send all your friends
Gods Boxes Of Love God's Boxes Of Love
Poem with artwork from world renown Danny Hahlbohm
Wonderful Waterfalls Wonderful Waterfalls
Animated waterfalls along with a poem for women
Angels Among Us Angels Among Us
Angels with lake applet
Letter From A Friend Letter From A Friend
A letter from your friend Jesus
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